Elmer graduated from the Ontario Chiropody Program in 1985. Upon Graduation Elmer established, and designed, Dufferin area’s first Chiropody/Podiatric clinic at the Orangeville Dufferin Area Hospital in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Elmer has been practicing privately in Orangeville since 1986 and lives close to Orangeville. He offers a full range of Chiropodial/Podiatric treatments including Local Anaesthesia/Soft tissue surgery and Prescription rights for Antibiotic therapy and Oral anti-inflammatory medications as required.

Elmer was instrumental in the Incorporation of the Provincial Chiropody Association (Ontario Society of Chiropodists) as a former Vice-President and is a founding Director of the National Association (Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine) of which he is still an active member.

Elmer Continues to expand and update his Chiropodial/Podiatric Medical knowledge through ongoing continuing education courses and conventions in order to provide his patients with the latest treatments available in Canada.


Jane graduated in 1980 from the Glasgow School of Chiropody, Scotland. The next 4 years Jane worked as a Chiropodist in Scotland, and was instrumental in setting up the first Sports Medicine Clinic in Glasgow. During this time she was an active member of the British Society of Chiropodists.

In 1984 Jane moved to Canada to take up a post as a Senior Clinical Instructor at Toronto General Hospital Chiropody teaching facility. After 7 years at Toronto General Hospital Jane joined the Private Practice that Elmer had established.

Jane lives near Orangeville and has been an active member of her community having been awarded several volunteer awards, including Outstanding Citizen Volunteer in 2010.

Jane maintains the highest levels of expertise and accreditation by continually upgrading through ongoing continuing education courses and conventions.

Both Elmer and Jane maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay ahead of the latest treatment modalities in Podiatric Medicine.