Just as prescription glasses come in different styles, shapes and corrections so do custom biomechanical foot orthoses. Biomechanical orthotic devices, or orthoses, are custom made. They are designed to fit inside the shoes to help your feet perform at their peak efficiency. Although they somewhat resemble arch supports true biomechanical devices do not work on the principal of supporting the arch but enhance biomechanical function.

There are two types of orthotics:
Accommodative orthoses which are designed to protect and support feet which have deformities that cannot be corrected.

Functional orthoses are designed to correct biomechanical imbalances between the hindfoot and the forefoot that may result in foot/ankle; leg; knee; hip or back problems.

After a biomechanical examination of your feet the chiropodist/podiatrist at our office will take a 3D anatomical volumetric impression using one of two methods, either a plaster cast, or a 3D laser scanner.

This detailed medical prescription is then sent to the appropriate laboratory and a custom made orthotic specifically designed for your foot / biomechanical condition is manufactured.