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Established in Canada in 1995, the Cambrian Footwear company has become renowned for high quality men’s and women’s shoes with their advanced orthopaedic shoe design.

Orangeville Foot Clinic is proud to be an accredited foot health clinic by Cambrian. We carry the entire line of Cambrian Footwear – including men’s and women’s sandals, trainers, and walking shoes.

You’ll walk easier with the advantage of Cambrian’s advanced biomechanical design and their 3AxisFit™ (Length, Width & Depth) system.

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Handcrafted Shoe Tools

Hand-Crafted Footwear

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Cambrian Footwear is made in “boutique” factories with the finest and highest-quality materials, leathers and precision components.

All of their footwear is hand-crafted by skilled shoemakers who take pride in what they make and produce. It may be a slower way to make a shoe, but it’s the best way to ensure that every shoe is made to the highest standards.

Built to last, so you can last!

Orthotic Sandal Footbed

Experience It!

With the Cambrian Cork Footbed, you may not need a fully custom orthotic insert. Experience the comfort of the original Cambrian cork footbed – but in case you do need custom orthotics for your feet, Cambrian’s footbeds are removable and designed to accept other orthotics.

Cork Footbed

“Walking is our best medicine” ~Hippocrates 460-375 B.C

This ancient wisdom from the Greek “Father Of Medicine” is a main tenet of Cambrian Footwear and is part of what motivates this company to produce such high-quality products that not only your feet will enjoy, but you’ll feel the healing results throughout your body.

You’ll discover improved posture and body alignment while walking easier in a Cambrian walking shoe or sandal.