Ingrown Toe Nail and Nail Surgery

Ingrown Toe Nail and Nail Surgery
October 10, 2019

Ingrown toe nail is a very common condition among young and adult population. It can become extremely painful and lead to infection, or in severe cases in people with poor circulation or low immune system can lead to amputation!

Risk factors for ingrown toenail include genetics, poor trimming technique, tight or pointy footwear, trauma, pregnancy etc. Many people believe that cutting the nails straight will prevent ingrown toenail but the fact is that ingrown toenail can even happen if you cut your nails straight.

Filing the corners of the nail is a more important factor to prevent and treat this condition. In fact, most podiatrists and chiropodists advise to cut the toenail following the shape of the toe.

Our office can help you with this by prescribing antibiotics, showing you how to cut and treat your nails, conservative treatments to ease the pain, and in frequently reoccurring cases our permanent solution is doing surgery.

Chiropodists are the most trained professionals to do partial or total nail surgery technique with or without phenolization. Phenol is an acid that we use to burn the root of the faulty nail so it does not regrows into the skin.

After the surgery, your nail will look and feel normal!


  1. jackie martin

    Are you open after 430 pm call me please 15199436509 I need to ask for a appointment for my ingrown toe nails. Thank you.

    • Ali Nasr-Esfahani

      Hi Jackie,
      Yes, we are open until 7:00 pm on Wednesdays, and until 5:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Our staff will call you to arrange an appointment for you. Hope your ingrown toenail is not very painful.


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