Our Philosophy

Our Approach is Patient Centred Care

Our patient care philosophy atĀ Orangeville Foot Clinic is focused on the modern and progressiveĀ patient centred approach.

Our goal is not only treating the feet, but to make patients feel that they have been at the centre of our attention for proper care. That their concerns have been fully heard, and they have been properly informed, educated and been involved in their care and management plan.

We want to address and treat the person not the disease.

Our priority in providing care is to be respectful of, and responsive to, each individual patient and appreciate their preferences, needs and values.

One of our main goals is to educate the patients and provide them with essential information so they can make an informed decision and have control over their foot health and choose their desired course of treatment.

We are committed to our community and want to provide the best possible service, as well as to raise awareness about foot related conditions.