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These are some of our services. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to inquire. 

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Those who are suffering from an ingrown toenail know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. We know that too and we do our best to give some relief to those “angry toes”.

We can conservatively and surgically treat your ingrown toenails. 

We can also temporarily remove the spike to reduce the pain. If the ingrown toenail was to reoccur, we can also do nail surgery to permanently fix it.

We have Onyfix treatment that is a conservative and painless treatment for curved toenails.

If the ingrown toenail is infected, we will prescribe antibiotics

Before jumping into surgery, we will introduce all the possible options and educate the patients how to cut and file their nails. 

If it comes to surgery, depending on each cases we can do 

 – Partial nail avulsion (PNA) with or without *phenol

 – Total nail avulsion (TNA) with or without phenol

 – Winograd Procedure

*Phenol is an acid we use to burn the nail root (matrix), so it does not grow back on the ingrown side.

Many of us need a proper insole or custom made orthotics in our shoes! Whether it is because of heel pain or flat foot or high arch or knee pain or sore feet, orthotics can help you. 

Some people need custom made orthotics (insole), and some only need prefab inserts which are more economic. We can help you with both!

Chiropodists are one of the few healthcare providers that can prescribed custom made orthotics and their prescription is accepted by most work benefits and insurance companies. You don’t need any referral to get orthotics

Our office is working with qualified and high-tech North American labs to manufacture custom-made orthotics. Depending on each individual, we use different techniques to obtain a mold of your feet. 

Most of the time, LASER 3D scanner will be used, however, in some cases plaster casting is required. 

Plantar fasciitis pain can be very devastating and sometimes hard to treat. 

We assess patient’s feet and their gait to find out what is the underlying cause of plantar fasciitis. Then we try to educate them how to treat and prevent it. 

We offer a variety of conservative treatments including strapping and padding, proper footwear, insert modification, orthotics, exercises, LASER treatment to reduce the pain, and corticosteroid injection. 

We have also a variety of products that can help you such as

 – Roller Ball

– BioFreeze 

 – Padding strap

 – Plantar Fascia sleeve (compression)

We provide a thorough foot assessment and treatment for patient who suffer from diabetes. We believe that an important part of the long term management of foot health in diabetes is educating the patients about their foot status and possible complications of their feet. 

Our services for patients with diabetes include routine nail care, corn and callus care, annual foot assessment, checking circulation, nerve sensation assessment, education, etc. 

If you want to know more about diabetes and foot click here or on the photo. 

To know more about wart click HERE to read our comprehensive guide to plantar warts. 

There are many different treatment options for warts and that reflects itself that none of the available treatments guarantee the outcome. Warts behave differently on each person. Some will be easily treated but some are stubborn and resistant. 

Depending on patient’s age, number of warts, size and location of the lesions, we will design a treatment plan for you. 

Our available treatment options include regular debridement (reducing the thickness), prescribing acid, applying topicals such as canthacur (beetle juice), pyrogallol, freezingsilver nitrate, Aldera; SWIFT (one of the few clinics in Ontario), needling, and surgery.

Remember! Warts are contagious and most often they need treatment.


There are many reasons for foot pain and the pain can be in different locations. 

Our treatment options depending on each case includes cold LASER treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, different exercises, appropriate footwear, orthotics and inserts, padding, strapping, and injection. 

We can also prescribe appropriate pain killers (topicals, NASAIDs).

Fungal nail is not only a cosmetic issue, but it can also be a source of infection that spreads to your skin or other people’s. 

We can help you with that! Depending on the degree of the infection and damage, we provide you with consultation, regular nail care, thickness reduction, topical anti-fungal medication, anti-fungal shoe spray, Lacuna method, LASER treatment, and in odd cases nail removal if required. 

There is always a biomechanical story behind each callus! And most of the times they keep coming back! But we can slow them down if we address the underlying cause.

Depending on each cases we offer regular corn and callus debridement, appropriate footwear, and orthotics. 

Callus is because of abnormal friction, while corn is because of pressure point. 

There are many reasons that one can develop wound (ulcer) on their feet. One of the main reasons is advanced neuropathy with loss of sensation. 

Our office provides patients with regular wound debridement, dressing change, communicate with family doctor to design a personalized and desired wound management plan, offloading the pressure point, orthotics, appropriate footwear, walking air cast, etc. 

Our office provides you with a good collection of supportive, wide and orthopedic footwear depending on your need. 

In an appointment for footwear we do foot assessment, measure the size and width of your feet, and identify the appropriate shoes for your feet. 

Morton’s neuroma is a very painful condition.

Our treatment options for Morton’s neuroma includes conservative treatments, intralesional injection, and surgery. 

Conservative treatment includes padding, orthotics, insert modification and appropriate footwear. 

Achilles tendon is the most commonly injured tendon in the foot and ankle! MRI and diagnostic ultrasound can confirm this injury. X-ray is not diagnostic for this condition. 

Our treatment options include cold LASER (to reduce pain/inflammation), heel lift, orthotics, appropriate footwear, taping and padding. 

Toes deformity can cause a lot of issues including pain, corn, blister, wound and cosmetic concerns.

Consult with us to find out about all the available conservative and invasive treatments for your foot condition. 

We can provide you with different products to ease the pain, or perform soft tissue surgery to correct flexible lesser toes deformity, or refer you for bony correction if required. 


We understand that children grow fast and custom made orthotics, even though are the best options for a variety of foot conditions, are not always affordable. Therefore, we have brought in a novel Prefab orthotics for kids that are not only economic but also are medically proven to be beneficial. 

Children can be affected by variety of foot conditions such as intoeing, flat foot, foot pain, hyperpronation, toe walking, ingrown toenails, wart, athlete’s foot, Sever’s disease, etc.

We provide a thorough assessment to find out if any treatment is required.

Our management plan for children includes appropriate treatments, educating the parents, providing the information for suitable footwear, making orthotics if needed, and sometimes only monitoring the child. 

The key component to plantar wound treatment is proper offloading. We can provide a variety of offloading devices, paddings, orthotics, and shoes to reduce the pressure from the wound. 

Athlete Foot (tinea pedis) is a common condition among youth, athlete’s and elderly but it can also be seen in people who have their shoes on for long hours.

Proper diagnosis is a key to differentiate it from other conditions such as eczema.

Our clinic can prescribe proper medications and dispense anti-fungal soaps for your feet. 

After in-depth biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, we will recommend you the suitable footwear for your feet, and if needed, we can prescribe and dispense orthotics. 

Remember, prevention is the key! You don’t have to wait until you’re in pain!

Ganglion cyst is a common condition over the joints and tendon sheath.

Sometimes monitoring the cyst is enough. But if treatment needed, surgery has the highest success rate. However, in many cases, drainage and corticosteroid injection in the lesion can shrink the cyst. 

If you have a cyst, consult with us to find the best management plan for you. 

ِOur office can help you with different types of soft tissue surgery including ingrown toenail, tenotomy for flexible claw toes, etc.

Plantar fibromatosis is soft tissue masses that can show up at the bottom of the feet.

Depending on the size and location of the lesions, we can help you with conservative treatments, or injection, or referral to the experts for surgery.