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Foot Pain - Orangeville Foot Clinic

foot pain treatment

There are many reasons for foot pain and the pain can be in different locations.

Our treatment options depending on each case includes cold LASER treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, different exercises, appropriate footwearorthotics and inserts, padding, strapping, and injection.

We can also prescribe appropriate pain killers (topicals, NASAIDs).

You should always keep in mind that foot pain is not normal! When you are experiencing foot pain, the causes could mean that other parts of your body, or even your entire body is aching. Foot pain and foot conditions can frequently radiate and be manifested elsewhere in the body.

When you experience acute or chronic foot pain, you should definitely see a chiropodist that can evaluate your condition and determine the cause, and prescribe treatment and prevention for the future.

At Orangeville Foot Clinic, our chiropodists are fully educated, trained, and experienced to deal with all of your podiatric needs!


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