Custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices, designed to adjust and control the function of the foot and its alignment wit the lower leg. They are used to treat/prevent injury-causing motions including excessive pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out) and make standing, walking and running more efficient.

Orthotics can be an essential part of long term management plan for different conditions such as diabetic wound, low arch (flat foot), high arch, foot pain, bunion, callus, corn etc.


Orthotics From Orangeville Foot Clinic

All orthotics are not created equal! And that is why you see very different prices! Different professions make orthotics, but most insurance companies do not recognize their orthotics. Chiropodists are one of the few healthcare providers that insurance companies accept their prescriptions. It is because they are the most trained and specialized for foot problems. In most cases, you do not need any referral from your family doctor.

Many different kinds of in-shoe devices are referred to as “Orthotics.” You’ll see “Orthotics” in TV infomercials, stands at consumer shows, and a growing number of retail shops. Arch supports and insoles sold in drug, sports and shoe stores are increasingly called “Orthotics.” Then there are the orthotics that chiropodists/podiatrists prescribe for their patients.

For most consumers, telling the difference between the various types of orthotics (and making an informed decision) is challenging.

Recognizing slick sales “spin” and separating it from the facts can be even more challenging.

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