October 10, 2019

Custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices designed to adjust and control the function of the foot and its alignment with the lower leg. They are used to treat/prevent injury-causing motions, including excessive pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out), and make standing, walking or running more efficient.

Orthotics can be an essential part of a long-term management plan for different conditions such as diabetic wounds, low arch (flat foot), high arch, foot pain, bunion, callus, corn etc.

There is a variety of different orthotics available, which is why the price varies as well! Different healthcare professions can make orthotics, but remember that Private Insurance will only cover Custom made orthotics prescribed and dispensed by specific healthcare providers. Chiropodists are among the few providers that private insurance companies recognize. Referrals are not always needed from your family doctor to claim the custom orthotics with your insurance company.

There are a variety of different in-shoe devices that can provide the necessary support for your foot. It is important to get proper advice from a licensed healthcare professional to decide what is necessary.

We can provide Prefabricated orthotics (not covered by insurance), and we can also provide Custom Made Orthotics (Covered by insurance) made by Leo Lab, which is the only lab in Canada that has 3D printing technology for orthotics.

Patients should be aware that many different kinds of insole devices are referred to as “orthotics”; however, most of them are only some padded inserts or insoles with minor arch support or pronation control. Hence, for most people, telling the difference between the various types of inserts and true orthotics (and making an informed decision) is a challenge.

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Orthotics – Both Custom & Prefabricated Available At Orangeville Foot Clinic!

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